CEO Greeting

We will provide maximum satisfaction with many years of
abundant experience and excellent technology.

All in one Solution
Vertically Integrated

LINTECH, Corp is a company that provides Si materials, spray coating, semiconductors, Display parts and solutions to the world.

Mainly in Korea, we are conducting joint development and marketing in cooperation with leading overseas companies such as Taiwan, the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Based on this, we are already supplying outstanding solutions to customers all over the world, and we will always satisfy our customers by designing, manufacturing, and trading competitive products to meet their needs. We are also interested in the new energy and green environment with the next generation and the future in mind, and are committed to developing new product research that is more efficient and productive.

As a company of trust, we will do our best to provide maximum satisfaction as a partner for customers based on people and companies. Please keep us in your mind and give your support.

Thank you

CEO Lee Hyung-Joo