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happy welfare

  • annual leave

    Provides annual leave according to the length of service in the company every year (Full days off due to exhaustion of annual leave, summer vacation, medical exams and other health leave. No vacation days)

  • alternative vacation

    Offer an alternative vacation day when working on a weekend or public holiday

  • office supplies support

    Provision of necessary office supplies and other necessary tools within the company

  • salary negotiation

    Salary negotiations and adjustments with employees at the beginning of each year

  • Lunch and snacks provided

    In-house cafeteria lunch and other snacks provided in the kitchen room
    (Dinner if you're working late)

  • Partial support for phone bills

    Provided by subsidizing a part of the telephone expenses of the employees

  • Dormitory support

    Dormitory support for long-distance commuting male employees

  • rest area

    In-house rest area provided (table tennis table)

  • men's shower room

    Provide shower rooms for male employees

  • meeting room

    Other meeting rooms provided


reliable welfare

  • 4 major insurance

    Provides national pension, employment insurance, industrial accident compensation insurance, and health insurance

  • Corporate card support

    Corporate card support for dinner parties and other places

  • severance pay

    Support for severance pay upon retirement

  • Holiday Gifts and Vouchers

    Provide gifts and vouchers during holidays such as Lunar New Year and Chuseok

  • year-end bonus

    Comprehensive year-end bonuses are set and provided

  • Support for congratulations and condolences & vacation

    Provides money for condolences and condolences such as marriage, 70th or 80th, death, childbirth, first birthday, schooling, etc.

  • 10 years continuous service award

    Provide rewards and bonuses to employees who have served for more than 10 years

  • Actual travel expenses and daily allowance

    Actual expenses and daily wages provided for business trips

  • Support for fuel & travel expenses

    Support for vehicle fuel costs and travel expenses when out of work